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Other smoking cessation methods to help you quit

Determined to quit smoking and improve your overall health? While smoking cessation patches are one of the most popular methods used by successful quitters, there are also a number of alternative therapies for smoking cessation and other smoking cessation aids and products you can rely on.

Anti-smoking ear magnets

Boost your effort to quit smoking with a pair of acupressure ear magnets, a convenient natural treatment you can take advantage of throughout the day. The ear bio-magnet works by releasing endorphins and stimulating the brain sensation usually generated by smoking tobacco. The small magnet for the front of the ear is sized 5mm diameter, while the larger magnet for the back of the ear is 8mm diameter.

Nicorette gum

Nicorette extra strength coating chewing gum can be purchased in value packs of 150 pieces, with each gum containing 4mg of nicotine in an icy mint sugar-free flavour.

Nicorette inhaler

A Nicorette inhaler offers rapid relief of nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms. The product uses one mouthpiece and 20 cartridges each with 15mg of nicotine to help you stop smoking cigarettes. It also keeps your hands busy and your mind off cigarettes by replacing the repeated action of moving the hands to the mouth.

Portable vapor kit

A portable atomizer electronic pen rechargeable vapor kit lets you control the output of smoke to suit your personal needs. It features a cigarette holder, glass bin, airflow control port, smoking switch, smoking display window and power switch.

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