Other Sports Equipment

No matter what sport you're interested in, there are accessories, various types of equipment and sportswear to help you perform your best. Sports equipment isn't limited to just balls and bats, but also includes croquet sets, protein supplements, athletics equipment and more. Plenty of accessories are also available, from whistles to pull up assist bands. Sportswear can also be purchased so you can feel comfortable and look the part. Sporting goods are available for sports like soccer, cricket, archery, football, swimming and athletics.

Sports Equipment

Some equipment is required for certain sports and activities. Shot puts, javelins and other athletics items can be bought for athletics training and competition. Croquet sets include mallets, balls, hoops and pegs. Gymnastic equipment such as olympic rings and trampolines can help build flexibility and balance. Soccer equipment such as markers and goals are available in different sizes and colours, with many being portable.

Sports Accessories

Sports accessories are necessary items when participating in sports or fitness activities. Sweatbands help keep your face clean and clear when exerting yourself. Pull up assistance bands simplify some types exercise and are available in different resistances. Running spikes can be fitted to shoes for traction on some surfaces. Swimming goggles can help you keep your eyes protected. Whistles can assist in organising groups for activities such as running laps or training sessions. Foam rubber and other soft covers can help shield other equipment, such as weights, from damaging your hands with repeated use. Anti-chafing creams and sprays can keep you running and working out longer without harm. Protein and creatine can help you gain muscle mass faster. Fight balls and other training equipment can help with Mixed Martial Arts training and other self-defense exercises. Ball stands can refer to either display objects at home, some of which can be wall mounted and feature flexible claws, and also stands that are meant to be used on the field for kick training. Ball bags are flexible and light-weight and can carry up to 5 or 6 large balls.


Sportswear can help keep you clean and cool. Many are skin-tight with flexible, breathable fabric that allows your body to sweat and keep cool while limiting the chaffing caused by loose clothing. Visors and other sun-protection can also keep you protected when training or working out outside. Special footwear can be purchased for various sports, such as shoes with spikes for soccer.