Other Sports Memorabilia

Finding the perfect piece of sports memorabilia to honour a favourite team can be exciting to some fans. Perhaps the best type of item is signed sports memorabilia, especially if that signature is of a favourite player, or perhaps one that broke records and achieved incredible goals. When it comes time to buy sports merchandise memorabilia, whether logoed and licenced or items created by fans, the more unique and hard-to-find the item is, the more desirable it can be.

Signed Memorabilia

Signed memorabilia makes an excellent gift or the perfect addition to a loyal fan's collection. Though verification of authenticity is important, many fans want to buy items signed by top-performing players and athletes. It is important for buyers to know where the signature comes from before buying. Some photos, for example, can be sold with a reproduction signature, rather than one signed directly by the athlete.

Sports Medals

Sports memorabilia is often all about winners. What better way to add to a collection than with sports medals? Like signatures, any sports medals must be verified for authenticity if the buyer is hoping to buy a medal worn by a specific person or given for a specific competition. However, many sports medals are reproductions as well. These can help honour important events and help collectors have a near-authentic piece of history.

Framed Sports Memorabilia

Both authentic and reproduction framed sports memorabilia tends to be a popular collector's item. Items range widely from signed photos of superstars to framed tickets to lifetime events. Professional photos, sometimes signed, and encased in glass with professional framing can be highly desirable to some fans. Many include reproduction signatures as well.

Sports Clothing Memorabilia

Whether signed sports memorabilia or just worn by a favourite star, many collectors love to pick up kits, T-shirts, gloves, and hats from important athletes. Though authenticating these items can be hard to do, there may not be a better addition to a football lover's collection than a shirt from a popular player or a hat from a UFC champion.