Other Industrial Surveying Equipment   

Surveyors have the knowledge and skills to combine practice and science to determine defined boundaries for homes, businesses and other locations. Since surveying is an exact science, industrial supplies like specialized surveying equipment must be used to achieve the most accurate and precise results.   

What Are Some Types of Surveying Equipment?   

Some types of survey tools include a total station, which is used to measure the distances of slopes; a measuring wheel, used to precisely measure land or road while taking steps; flagging tape, which is brightly-coloured tape used to mark off certain points; and a laser distance meter, which is used to measure as well as create projected measurements based on calculations, such as length and area. These types of survey tools have numerous features including a timer and the ability to measure in feet or inches.    

What Are Some Features of Levels?   

A level is one of the most important tools for surveying. You don't want to build on land that isn't level, so a level determines whether there are any highs and lows in the land's surface that must be filled in accordingly before construction begins. There are numerous types of levels for a variety of purposes, and some of the most common types used for surveying include a laser level, dumpy level and an automatic level.