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Outdoor Light Fixtures

When looking for additional lighting outside of your home, there are several fixture possibilities to choose from. There are chandeliers, pendants and sconce options for every style of home. To flank windows, sconces are a great option as they provide more ambient lighting and they can go throughout the exterior of your home. Pendant lights are a great way to adding additional lighting to your doorway if you have a small awning or covering over your front door. If you have a larger front porch, chandeliers provide a good amount of light and make a grand statement to the front of any home. Outdoor lighting comes in a wide variety of styles and finishes. You can find traditional styles in gold, oiled bronze, copper, chrome and brushed nickel or satin. The difference between outdoor lighting versus indoor lighting is that outdoor fixtures can withstand outdoor elements including the weather, insects, birds and dirt. The materials these fixtures use are generally strong and more durable and are a breeze to clean.

Solar Powered Light Fixtures

For those looking to save energy and money, there are also solar powered outdoor lighting options. Most of these fixtures illuminate walkways or provide spotlights throughout your yard. However, it is becoming increasingly common to find other, larger outdoor fixture with the option of being solar powered. The fixtures that are solar powered have a small solar panel on top to collect the sun’s rays and may also have a cord so you can plug them in. Many of the smaller solar powered light fixtures made to be placed along walkways or patios come in sets of two or four. There are many styles that these fixtures come in to appeal to various styles of your home and outdoor living.

Motion Sensor Light Fixtures

Other forms of lighting include motion sensor lights that many use more for security purposes around a home. These can sit around doorways or garages to add additional lighting if something moves within the range of the light fixture. These are a great warning system for burglars or even animals that like to get into garbage. The lights will automatically come on if they sense something moving in their detected range. There are other traditional fixtures that have motion sensors built into them, making the fixtures like a two-in-one fixture.

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