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Gardening can either be a relaxing hobby or a nightmare. If you think gardening falls into the latter, you might need to reconsider the tools you are using. If you have a lot of foliage in your backyard, traditional shears just wont do. If you are looking for an alternative when it comes to trimming your hedges and branches, a petrol hedge trimmer can make garden maintenance a lot quicker and easier.

Benefits of petrol hedge trimmers

Petrol hedge trimmers are ideal for bigger jobs such as bushes with quite large stems and branches, and jobs that require more frequent use. This is because they are more powerful than electric or cordless trimmers. Petrol hedge trimmers also do not require an electricity mains connection and dont use a rechargeable battery. Because of this, petrol trimmers do not lose power as a result of low battery.

What to look for in a hedge trimmer

In order to get the most out of your petrol hedge trimmer, you will need to consider a few factors. For example, how much hedging do you have to maintain? The length of the blade will depend on the answer. Naturally, longer blades will cut more hedging faster. However, the longer the blade, the heavier the trimmer will be. Following from this, another thing to consider is the trimmers weight. Petrol hedge trimmers come in at around 5kg, so ensure you are comfortable with this mass while you are using it. Finally, teeth spacing is another important factor. Narrow teeth wont be able to cut through thick branches, and are more suited for regularly trimmed hedges.

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