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Got one to sell?

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Outdoor Speakers

For those who need their music fix wherever they go, be it in the garage, out in the backyard or relaxing in the pool area, outdoor speakers are the most practical and professional solution to keep the chords playing for you. Many schools, cafes and businesses also utilise outdoor speakers for ambient music and voice announcements. As the name implies, outdoor speakers tend to be more rugged than standard speakers and subwoofers, featuring qualities such as waterproofing, harder casing and acoustics designed to project sound without an enclosed room to help resonate it. On eBay you'll notice many different kinds, from battery powered Bluetooth speakers, to hard-wired and Wi-Fi network connected speaker systems.

Waterproof Outdoor Speakers

Pool parties are unquestionably made better with the addition of music, but water splashing or rain on electrical equipment is a no no, and music coming to a sudden halt is a huge buzzkill! It can be difficult for bass to travel over long distances, so having waterproof speakers allows you to mount them closer to the pool and enjoy full quality sound, meanwhile your speakers remain unaffected by splashing or rain. Many waterproof speakers on eBay come with waterproof wiring kits that also protect the wiring from water damage. For beats on the water, you'll also find marine speakers on eBay, suitable for mounting in or on boats.

Hard-wired vs Battery Powered

Most battery powered outdoor speakers, such as audio docks and mini speakers, use Bluetooth technology and/or an AUX input to connect to your media source, such as a smart phone or MP3 player. Whilst a handy portable solution, these types of speakers are somewhat limited in terms of their power output and therefore volume before the sound quality becomes distorted. If you are near the speaker, this may not be an issue, but if you really want to project your sound far and wide, at a party for example. you might consider a set of hard-wired speakers which can use 240V mains power to drive the volume much higher.

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