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Oven Igniters

Oven igniters are an essential piece of kitchen appliance equipment that allows your gas oven to ignite, heat up and cook. On eBay you will find a range of oven igniters and replacement parts to ensure that your oven is in full working order.

Different types of oven igniters

Oven igniters are available in a variety of designs to suit your specific brand model. Always check your manufacturer's specifications to ensure that you have selected the correct replacement oven igniters for your oven. Hot surface igniters are also available.

Oven igniter boards control the functions of your oven. The igniter circuit boards are also used to operate the oven or stoves safety valve. Check your oven's model number when choosing a replacement oven igniter board.

Oven igniters for your compact and portable cooktops include spark plug igniters and ignition box suits.

Replacing an oven igniter in a gas oven

When replacing oven igniters shut off the electricity and gas power, before removing the oven's bottom panel and the oven racks.

Remove the screws at the back of the bottom oven panel, and lift the back of the panel to release the bottom panel from the retaining lip. Work the bottom oven panel up and remove it completely.

Remove the mounting screws from the igniter's bracket and disconnect the wire harness. Pull the faulty igniter out of the oven.

Release the locking tabs and unplug the wire harness, and then carefully connect your new replacement oven igniter. Don't touch the carbide electrode with your fingers. Plug the oven igniter into the wire harness and attach it to the holding bracket.

Correctly line up the new igniter and insert the mounting screws. Tighten firmly, pushing the wires down so that they are out of the way of the burner.

Replace the oven panel and the oven racks, and switch the power back on.

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