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Grab some handy oven liners

Oven liners minimize the amount of time that you have to spend scrubbing away at the nasty greasy, baked on and burnt mess at the bottom of your oven.

One size fits all

Non-stick Teflon coated oven liners makes cleaning your oven super easy, allowing you to contain the mess on the liner alone. The hardwearing 0.2mm thick, black glass fibre cloth is cut to perfectly fit the dimensions of most ovens. If using in a small toaster oven or microwave, the oven liners can easily be trimmed to fit. The reusable oven liners are non-stick coated on both sides and are easy to clean with a sponge and soapy hot water. If you look after your Teflon oven liner it will last you for years!

Non-stick oven liners that are constructed from high-quality food grade silicone typically feature a unique raised pyramid surface. The oven liners are textured on both sides for maximum absorption, and are oven, microwave and dishwasher proof. The non-stick surface can also be used to rest cooked foods, and as surface protector for hot bottomed pots and pans.

Some more heavy duty liners act more like trays and are a kitchen must, helping you prepare, cook and rest food in a clean and organised way.

Emergency baking assistance

To prevent oil overflow when baking, place a craft sheet oven liner at the bottom of the oven. The brown cloth mesh baking paper oven liners are designed to absorb excess oil spillages and accumulation of grease. The oven liner is also ideal for minimizing cheesy mess when cooking pizzas.

Non-stick silicone liners are popular baking accessories. The rectangular oven liners are typically used when making biscuits and cookies. The flexible silicone fibreglass liner is heat resistant to temperatures between 25 degrees and 250 degrees, and can be used over and over again. When placed at the bottom of the oven, the mat catches food spills and grease, to ensure that the oven stays clean.

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