Oxygen Concentrators

Oxygen Concentrators

For anyone suffering from respiratory conditions or low levels of oxygen in their blood, an oxygen concentrator can be a vital and reassuring piece of medical kit. Not only do they supply essential purified air, but these devices enable independence by helping patients to go about their normal day-to-day lives.

Put simply, they work by taking in the surrounding air, compressing it, and filtering out the nitrogen content. Purified oxygen is then delivered to the recipient via a nasal cannula or mask. Shop from a large range of different devices and brands here on eBay.

For portable use

For users who need to be able to get out and about, a portable oxygen concentrator may be the preferred option. Smaller and lighter, they either operate by supplying purified oxygen continuously or by using a ‘pulse dose system where the air is intelligently delivered according to the users breathing rate. They are designed with long battery lives and users can easily modify the oxygen flow level (litres per minute), oxygen purity level, and other specifications.

For home use

Other oxygen concentrators are specifically designed for use at home. Generally larger than the portable device models, they are invariably still mobile enough to transport from room to room alongside their user. They tend to operate using a continuous flow system – in other words, they can constantly draw in and manipulate air; and while they will need to be connected to a power source, this means that batteries and chargers arent necessary. Whats more, many home oxygen concentrators are designed to use low energy levels, so you can feel reassured that they wont lead to high electricity bills.

Tools and accessories

On eBay, you can also browse and purchase tools and accessories to make using your portable or home oxygen concentrator even easier. Inogen is one of a number of brands who supply power adaptors for use with portable devices. You can also shop for supplies such as tubing or cannulas, rechargeable battery cells, and carry bags or cases.