PF Flyers are sinful bits of sneaker eye-candy. They have adorned the feet of millions worldwide and enabled them to explore the limits of their world.

PF Flyers are renowned for their bright colours, their over-capable insole, and are quite popular at gyms. They can also be worn just about anywhere and possess a style that is all their own.

The PF Flyers range is as vast as can be. They are available to men and women of all ages and deliver heavyweight comfort and support while being light as a feather on the feet.

History Of The PF World!

PF Flyers were first produced in 1937 in the U.S by B.F Goodrich, a man with a talent for innovation and of impressive creativity. Sales were slow at first, till the public at large recognized the merits of this new style of sneakers and started buying them by the boatload!

PF Flyers sneakers are designed for active and fashionable folks who want to look all fly, but also want to slam a dunk, or run the quarter-mile in 10 seconds if required! This brand of sneakers is well made as anything else on this galaxy. Part of their appeal is the great variety of styles and colours that they come with. Some of these sneakers are equipped with bold colours for an equally bold look, while others are multicoloured and designed to attract the maximum amount of attention.

High top and low top sneakers are available, and the distinctive sole make these footwear a grand sight for the eyes. Want a lovely piece of history you can wear on your feet? PF Flyers fit the bill to a perfect T! Feel like impressing your mates and showing off just how hip you can be? PF Flyers it is!

Shop at eBay today for these lovely pairs of sneakers and you will be sure that your feet will loudly thank you for that!