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Hit the Target With PSE Compound Bows

Treat yourself or surprise your favorite archer with a PSE bow from PSE Archery. PSE bows on eBay come in a variety of models, each designed to suit your needs. Check eBay to find the PSE compound bow for sale that will make the perfect gift and use this brief but informative guide to help you make an informed buying decision.

Draw weight of PSE Archery compound bows explained

In addition to the physical size, there are other important variables that can change when considering different models of compound bows. The most important is the draw weight, which indicates how difficult it is to draw the bowstring back to its maximum displacement. The higher the draw weight, the harder it is to draw and the farther the arrow will fly. An important consideration when looking at PSE compound bows for sale is how large a draw weight you can manage. If you cannot draw the bow to its full displacement, then the model in question won't serve you to its full potential. Draw weights can be adjusted to a certain extent, so check the range of possible draw weights for a given model.

Do PSE Archery compound bows have different types of sights?

They do. There are several different configurations for the sighting mechanisms that will vary in price, although they all perform the same basic task. Your choice of sights will primarily depend on your budget, as no particular sighting system is better suited to either target practice or hunting. The most well-known types of sights, listed from least expensive to most expensive, include movable pin, fixed pin, pendulum, and target sights.

Models of affordable PSE Archery compound bows

A wide variety of styles, draw weights, and sighting configurations exist to make sure you get the right bow for your needs. Here are just a few examples of what is currently available:

  • PSE Inertia Right Hand 24 1/2–30-inch Country Camo 70-pound
  • PSE Mudd Dawg Yellow D'K BOWFISHING Bow KIT RH 40-pound
  • PSE Premonition HD 50-pound
  • PSE Archery Mossy Oak X MF 60-pound
When would you want to consider buying a used PSE Archery compound bow?

Buying a preowned PSE Archery bow could be a way for you to save money off the price of a brand-new one. A used one might show a few signs of cosmetic wear but otherwise function like a new one.