Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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Create a masterpiece with a set of paint brushes

Budding Picassos take note: You can get your tools of the trade right here on eBay. We've got a great range of paint brushes for making the marks you want to make.

Whether you're a beginner or a working artist, we can supply you with all the brushes and accessories you need. If you're a watercolour or ink artist then you'll want short-handled brushes, while the long-handled brushes are great for oil or acrylic artworks.

Brush up on bristles

Depending on the ways you most like to paint, you can get a number of different paint brush styles. The classic round pointed tip has long, closely arranged bristles that are perfect for adding detail. A flat brush allows you to quickly spread paint over a surface.

A ‘bright' brush is like a flat brush, but it has much shorter, stiff bristles that are great for thicker painting styles like Impasto. A Filbert is a flat paint brush with a domed end that you can get some good coverage with.

A fan brush is best used to blend broad areas of paint. An angle brush is very versatile and can be used for general painting and also for putting in detail. A stippler is a short, stubby round brush. And a ‘rigger' is a long, round brush that was originally used to paint the rigging in paintings of ships.

Natural sable or synthetic?

Watercolour brushes are usually made of sable, synthetic sable or nylon, with variations in price. If you're painting with oils, the brushes are usually made of sable. Acrylic brushes are almost entirely nylon or synthetic. Synthetic bristles are becoming increasingly popular with the evolution of new water-based paints. Natural hair, squirrel, badger or sable are used by watercolour painters because of their naturally superior ability to absorb and hold water.

Whatever level of skill and whatever you plan on painting, you can get get a range of brushes to make sure the job gets done.

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