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Why buy an airless spray gun?

Looking for a quicker way to apply paint? An airless spray gun could be the answer. An airless sprayer works by pumping paint at a very high pressure, through a hose and out a spray gun tip. That tip breaks up the paint evenly into a fan-shape of tiny droplets, allowing for even coverage over the surface being painted. Whether painting a wall, or even doors, cabinets and woodwork, with a little practice, an airless sprayer can provide the perfect finish in a fraction of the time it would take using paint brushesor rollers.

Benefits of Airless Sprayers

Because the airless sprayer paints directly from the paint can, it provides a pretty effortless alternative when covering large areas. And as long as the painter knows what he is doing, that airless sprayer can create a finish that would be almost impossible using any other method. The airless sprayer can also spray a variety of liquids, not just paint, including lacquer, stain and varnish.

But, using an airless sprayer can have its drawbacks as well. While it may take only minutes to cover a wall in paint, that wall needs to be prepped before the sprayer is turned on. That means taping, masking and covering up everything that needs to be kept paint-free. When spraying, a large amount of the paint ends up in the air, which then settles wherever it may land. Indoors, that might be on the new carpet, while outdoors, it could be on the car or the garden shrubbery. That overspray also means much of that expensive paint ends up wasted.

Keeping this in mind, an airless sprayer will often still be the best choice for the job at hand. Compare the options within eBay's range of paint guns and sprayers, to find the best sprayer from a selection of the most trusted brands in the business.

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