The Papillio collection, on-trend styles for foot health and comfort

The Birkenstock sandal has a history focused on foot health and comfort, beginning in 1774. The idea behind the Birkenstock contoured patent footbed is simple yet revolutionary, the shape of the shoe should match the shape of the foot. If you are a newcomer to Birkenstock or a committed wearer, the collection of Papillio women's sandals and flip-flops on eBay offers every classic Birkenstock style and colour to complete any wardrobe.

Papillio by Birkenstock toe-bar sandals

The toe-bar naturally increases circulation and strengthens the arch muscle with the gripping action and is a traditional Birkenstock design. For a classic Papillio leather buckle sandal, Gizeh Pixel Rose Birko-Flor shoes are a fresh take on the classic thong with their soft floral design.

For a striking look, the Papillio Gizeh Birko-Flor thong is a platform wedge sandal, with a plain white leather toe-bar. The Papillio Tabora Royal Python leather sandal is a beautiful and relaxed sandal to suit any summer wardrobe, but for those who prefer an ankle strap, Kairo Grace sandals will give you all the benefits of the Birkenstock footbed but with added security.

Papillio by Birkenstock strap sandals

The classic strap sandal is available in two or three strap designs in the Papillio Collection with the adjustable straps providing tailored foot care in a variety of beautiful designs and textiles.

The Arizona is a classic Papillio leather strap sandal in designs from black to beach light blue. A three-strap version is the Papillio Florida Grace leather strapped sandal. For a sandal without buckles, the Daytona Pb Black Python sandal is an understated classic design, but for a higher wedge shoe, the Linda Black suede ankle strap sandal is perfect for everyday wear and would not look out of place in the corporate world.