• Primula or Fairy Primrose Seed Zoom Mix Perennial Shade Loving Early Flowering

    Primula malacoides is a native of Yunnan, China and has the common name Fairy or Baby Primrose. A perennial plant, it has scalloped, mid green foliage and large clusters of dainty blooms held well above the foliage.
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  • Korean Maple - Acer pseudo-sieboldianum (20 Bonsai Seeds)

    The Korean Maple is under-utilised as a bonsai, but adapts well to all the styles that other maples are famed for, including exposed-root styles. From the time it bursts into leaf in spring until it gives it’s autumn finale of autumn colour, it is a sheer joy. Grow it as a large garden shrub or small tree that’s perfect for smaller spaces and enjoy the magnificent fireworks when autumn comes. The foliage turns gold, red and orange for a multicolour display that’s second to none. This tree is incredibly cold hardy, tolerates most soils provided they are relatively well-drained and requires little additional care in garden situations.
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  • Cut Leaved Japanese Maple - Acer palmatum dissectum (10 Bonsai Seeds)

    It’s easy to see why this beautiful plant is a bonsai favourite. It adapts well to any bonsai style, and with judicious leaf-plucking, you can keep the foliage small. It will require a sunny or lightly shaded, airy place to grow. Use it as a large shrub to small tree in the garden and enjoy the beautifully textured foliage and the rich autumn colours of this enchanting plant. It’s naturally rounded form is very attractive, and the reddish flowers, though tiny, are pretty too. Although they may be cut back by late frosts, they are relatively cold-tolerant. Bonsais will need to be cut back often to develop good trunk taper. Garden plants should generally be pruned during winter dormancy..
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  • Japanese Maple - Acer palmatum (40 Bonsai Seeds)

    More robust than its red leaf cousin, the Japanese Maple makes a great bonsai subject. The species responds well to autumn pruning and is suitable for most bonsai styles. A thirsty plant at times, it is best kept in part shade during the warmer months of the year. A native to Japan and China, the Japanese maple remains one of the most popular ornamental trees for Australian gardners and it makes a great pot plant able to live happily in a large pot for years on end. It has an upright and spreading growth habit to less than 6m, and it's leaves turn from a deep green in spring and summer to a deep beautiful red in autumn.
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  • Korean Hornbeam - Carpinus turczaninowii (50 Bonsai Seeds)

    Glossy foliage, a tidy branch structure and rapid growth make this plant a bonsai favourite. A versatile species, it is attractive when trained in upright, slanting and cascade styles, but also looks good as a broom or group planting. This deciduous tree is found growing in North East China, Korea and Japan. It is a fairly small tree growing to about 10m, bark is dark grey and it has small egg shaped leaves which will turn a beautiful orange-red color in the autumn. This tree will make a beautiful autumn feature tree in your garden. When left to itself, it tends to develop a graceful, weeping habit. It tolerates a variety of soil conditions, but does not thrive in extremely dry or wet soils.
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  • Red Maple - Acer rubrum (75 Bonsai Seeds)

    Grown mainly for its foliage colour, this species does well as a bonsai. A fast grower when young, with strong wood and attractive bark, this species takes well to regular pruning and leaf size can be reduced through leaf stripping every three years - an absolute winner all year round! A medium sized tree to 25m, this species is native to many parts of North America. Aptly named the Red Maple, its flowers, petioles, twigs and seeds are all red to varying degrees. It has a fairly rounded crown shape with good leaf cover and it is widely grown as a feature tree or shade tree.
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