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Treat your classic with care with parts for MG MGA cars

There's something inherently special about classic cars – the design and workings of a different era wrapped up in a stylish package. Everyone can appreciate a well-built, well-maintained classic car. That's why classic car shows are so popular! If you want a true classic, well, look no further – the MG MGA is one of the most iconic vehicles ever produced. Need to tinker with your favourite ride? eBay can help you with our great collection of MG MGA parts online.

The history of MG

MG was founded in the 1920s by Cecil Kimber. It was famously known for its two-seat, open sports car. Though they also produced coupes and saloons, the brand’s range of small sports cars put it on the map. While it has had a long and storied British history, it is now owned by SAIC, a Chinese auto giant.


The MG MGA was special, produced only from 1955 – 1962. It replaced the TF 1500 Midget, presenting a complete break from the earlier sports cars MG had been producing. It was announced officially at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1955, with just over 100,000 units being sold by 1962.

The majority of these MGs were exported, with just under 6,000 being sold and kept in Britain, the fewest of any British make. It's a car that captured the imagination of people all over the world, and though the newest one is almost 60 years old, they are still going strong.

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