Transform any space with a paper lantern

If youre looking for a fun and colourful way to decorate a party, wedding, or even your home, paper lanterns bring light and style to any venue.

Lanterns can be used to define dance floors, lower ceilings, and add interest with a garland, colours and different lighting options. They act as a great alternative to balloons or other more traditional decorations. When it comes to selecting which paper lanterns are right for you, youll be spoilt for choice here on eBay.

Paper lanterns for your wedding

No matter what venue you choose for your ceremony and party, hanging lanterns are a great decoration choice, particularly if you are looking at decorating a venue yourself. The sky is limit with how they can be used, and whether you go for simple white lanterns with bulbs inside, twin them with pastel pom poms or create elaborate and decorative designs, they are versatile and pretty decor.

Chinese paper lanterns are also popular at weddings. These have a candle in the middle and are set off into the sky with the paper glowing as they fly away. In Asia, it is often believed that releasing these lanterns will bring good luck.

Paper Lanterns for Crafts

Paper lanterns arent just for weddings but can be used throughout the year and as crafts for both kids and grownups. At Halloween, instead of carving out pumpkins you can paint faces and images straight onto the paper, put a tea-light inside and hang from the ceiling or outside your front door. Not only is this easier, but you can use these paper lanterns year after year.

If you are feeling creative, try decoupaging a flower or tree onto a lantern to then use as a lamp in your office or nursery, or if you really want to make a statement, decorate several lanterns and cluster them together to create a one of a kind chandelier.