Practical and stylish passport holders for all your travel needs

Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, being organised is a key part of making the whole travel process much easier, and stress-free. A place for everything and everything in its place, is a sure-fire mantra that will help your journey to go as smoothly as possible.

A travel wallet that also doubles as a passport holder is a great place to put your tickets, and travel documents, as well as that all-important passport, so that when you hit the check-in desks or immigration, you only have to reach for one thing.

Leather travel wallets

One of the most popular options for a travel wallet on eBay is a classic black leather variation, which is a piece that will last you, and won't need replacing for a very long time.

Traditional yet elegant in terms of design, the leather travel wallet will give you space for your tickets, your passport and even credit cards, whilst its small size means that it will slot into pretty much any pocket in your suitcase, or travel bag, leaving your hands free.

Multifunctional travel wallets

If you want something that does even more and offers great value for money, eBay has a huge variety of passport holders, and travel wallets that also double up as phone holders, meaning you really can just have all of the most important things that you need whilst travelling in one place.

For those who are particularly safety conscious, waterproof varieties are a great option for those purchasing via eBay. Offering peace of mind to those who worry that water damage could affect their belongings. Having this extra measure in place means that you won't be at risk of having to replace important documents, whilst away from home.

For an extra flair in terms of design, couple your wallet with a tag holder to make all of your luggage and wallets look stylishly uniform.