Cut The Best Cookie Shape With A Pastry Cutter

If you absolutely love cooking and baking, and pastry is one of your passions, then be sure to check out the great range of pastry cutters available to you on eBay. You will find cutters you didn’t even know you wanted as you scroll through what’s available. You can find everything from dough scrapers and cutters, cake cutters, lattice rollers, to pie dough rollers, noodle cutters and more. 

Tips for choosing pastry cutters

  • Type: There are different types of pastry cutters. One is used to blend butter with dry ingredients, and the other cuts dough. Pastry cutter blenders can be used to cut butter or other solid fats into dry ingredients, giving your dough its proper texture. Another type is pastry-cutting wheels, or lattice rollers. These can be smaller and cut pastry dough into fun shapes like a lattice to make a pie crust or cookies. You can also use them to create ravioli. A pastry-cutting tool typically has one or two spinning wheels with a sharp edge. The handle allows you to cut the dough evenly and smoothly easily.
  • Handle: Choose a pastry cutter that has a sturdy, durable handle. Because they are more comfortable to hold and provide a better grip, rubber or plastic handles can be a better choice. Also, consider the size of your hands. Avoid pastry cutters that have a large handle if you have small hands as they are more challenging to hold. Alternatively, a small handle can lead to blisters if you have large hands.
  • Blades: A strong pastry cutter that can handle heavier foods such as butter should have thick blades. A pastry cutter made of stainless-steel blades is better as they won't rust. In addition, stainless steel blades can be washed in the dishwasher. Pay attention to where the blades are positioned if you are left-handed. Some models are only suitable for right-handed use because of their angle.

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