Patio Wicker Chairs, Swings & Benches

Wicker Outdoor Chairs

For many people, there is a special carefree vibe that comes from wicker that other types of outdoor chairs cannot match. There are various types, styles and features available that make them suitable choices for nearly any outdoor setting.

Wicker Outdoor Chair History

Many consumers may not realise that wicker is actually a style of weave used in coffee tables, chairs and other types of furnishings. This weave technique found its way to American soil on the Mayflower in the form of an infant cradle. Since that time, the wicker furniture weave has become woven into several items that touch the lives of many on a daily basis. Rattan is a common type of material available in wicker lounge chair designs because of the strength and durability, so it is no wonder that wicker rattan outdoor furniture sets are found in many back gardens and patios.

Wicker Outdoor Chair Materials

In addition to rattan, there are many other materials that manufacturers use to make wicker outdoor chairs and cushions. Patio and garden furniture is available in a wide range of materials that include plastic, bamboo, banana leaves, cane reed, raffia, willow and synthetic materials. Consumers looking for vintage or retro chairs for specific eras may find that some material choices are more prevalent than others. For example, many antique wicker outdoor chairs have a cane reed wicker construction due to the popularity of the material at specific times in history.

Types of Wicker Outdoor Chairs

Just like aluminium outdoor chairs, the types of wicker outdoor chairs on the market is quite plentiful. Consumers can find comfortable wicker outdoor armchairs or beach chairs for poolside settings. There are also bar stools, deck chairs and swing chairs that make attractive and cosy options for outdoor barbies or hanging out with mates. Hanging pod or egg chairs are just a couple of other fun and playful types of wicker outdoor chairs on the market.

Wicker Outdoor Chair Features

Besides being able to provide a comfortable seat for sitting, wicker outdoor chairs come in options that include features to enhance the user experience. Some wicker chairs can recline, swivel and roll. There are also some that are foldable or come with trays for outdoor dining and added convenience.