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Pentalobe Screwdrivers for Apple Products

Apple has long had a history of making it difficult for end users to work on their products rather than taking it to an authorised repair shop. This came to a head with the release of the iPhone 4 with its pentalobe screws. Looking very much like a torx head, pentalobe screws feature five lobes instead of six points and require a special screwdriver to open. At the time of the iPhone 4's release, there were no readily available pentalobe drivers anywhere, which only made matters worse.

Types of Screws

There are several different kinds of screws used on multiple Apple products and only some of them require the use of a pentalobe screwdriver. Other screws found on Apple devices include both the torx and the Phillips head. Some very small cross-head screws may be JIS rather than Phillips. Apple also uses tri-wing screws on occasion. There are far more screws available, but these are the ones most commonly found in Apple products.

Screwdriver Kits

Anyone who wants to work on Apple products should invest in the proper tools. A set of mobile phone screwdrivers for Apple should include all the screwdrivers you need to get into your iPhone, but always double check that you have the right screwdrivers before you order.

Security Screws

Apple's use of the pentalobe design falls into the category of security screws. The idea is simple; put up a barrier to entry on the outside of the product by using a relatively rare screw head, and then shift to standard screws for the interior. Apple has also required pentalobe drivers for access to the Macbook Pro battery and Macbook Air exterior case.

Alternatives to Pentalobe

One way to deal with the issues pentalobe screws provide is to remove and replace them with something more standard like Phillips or torx. While this normally requires access to a pentalobe screwdriver to remove the screw in the first place, you can sometimes cut a slot in the head and remove it that way.

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