Peppa Pig TV & Movie Character Toys

Peppa Pig Character Toys

Based on the loveable Nickelodeon character, Peppa Pig character toys let your kids venture into the world of the pig who loves her teddy bear and playing with her friend Suzy Sheep. The show focuses on Peppas struggles and adventures, along with teaching kids how to share, be good friends, and express their feelings properly. Toys let kids play pretend and use their imaginations to further their enjoyment of the popular pig-centred series.

All Dolled Up

Peppa the Pig dolls depict the smiling, pink pig in all her glory. There are many types of dolls that come in different outfits and looks, including Peppa in her ballet tutu or Peppa eating a watermelon. From a mud-splattered doll to dolls that feature the piglets entire family, there are many possibilities for creative play when you purchase character dolls. With sizes ranging up to 26cm, dolls are the perfect size for little hands and let your child reenact her favourite scenes from the series.

Figure it Out

Action figures featuring the famous pig are smaller in size than dolls, making them ideal for playtime. Made of durable plastic, there are not only Peppa figures but also action figures featuring all of the characters from the show, including Peppas parents, her brother George, and other characters like Rebecca Rabbit and Candy Cat. Buy figures separately or in combination packs that include multiple characters for even more playtime options. The pint-sized pig figures range from roughly 4 to 8 cm.

Thats the Stuff

Soft and huggable, Peppa Pig stuffed animals go with your child everywhere. These loveable toys range in size from 25 cm up to a larger 45 cm, and come in different character and outfit designs, including Peppa, George, Georges dinosaur, and Peppas parents. Purchase plush versions of all Peppas friends for a fun-filled afternoon, including Suzy Sheep and Danny Dog, or look for cute Ty Beanie versions of Peppa, such as Peppa with her winter hat on or Peppa as a superhero.

Its a Setup

A Peppa Pig playset has everything you need for a fun day of character play; no mud puddles required. Playsets generally have one large feature, such as a playground, schoolroom, or car, along with figures to set into it to create a perfect situation for play. Ranging from the familys home to a horse-drawn carriage, there are figure sets for every type of imaginative play. Add more figures for more fun, or mix and match sets to create the entire Peppa Pig universe in your playroom.