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Personalised Party Gifts

Birthdays, weddings, baby showers, graduations, christenings, and housewarming parties all need gifts if someone invites you to attend. You could buy a random box of chocolate, a bunch of flowers, a funny book, or a bottle of champagne, but classical gifts can skirt the line between traditional and cliche. A personalised party gift shows that you put some more thought and effort into it, and it is the best way to show your dear ones how much you care about them. Learn how to select personalised gifts and surprise someone you love.


The occasion influences the choice of a party gift a great deal, because it sets a mood that should carry over to the type of present you choose. If the receiver is a small child, you might need to consult with the parents to find out what they consider appropriate. Some parents, for instance, do not want other people giving their children sweets or toys. If you are visiting a friend that you know really well, the personalised gift can be something that refers to your shared memory of some fun event. When giving a gift to more than one person, like a couple for their wedding, consider getting something that they could both enjoy, possibly even together.


Monograms or initials can feature on many different items, from textile bags to mugs and notebooks. Many products already feature initials, and you can find some with full names, too. If the gift receiver does not have too rare a name, it should be available on one item or another. Do not be too hasty and purchase the first item with their name on it. Shop around to find the kind of gift they would appreciate. Not everyone needs a new mug, as their cupboard may already be full, and not everyone collects fridge magnets or even likes keychains.

Handmade Items

Opting for a unique gift helps to ensure that no one else has the exact same thing. Keep your eyes open for handmade items like paintings, sewn bags, porcelain sculptures, and brooches. Find a local dealer and purchase one of their finished items or place a special order. Additionally, if you are skilled, you can make that personalized birthday party gift or personalized graduation party gift all by yourself if you have the right tools and materials.

Exotic Gifts

People who love travelling definitely appreciate gifts that remind them of distant places. You can pick up a unique item when you travel, yourself, and bring it back with you, or you can order one. This could be anything from a wooden chopping board to a colouring book from Japan. As long as you have not seen it around at home, the chances are it shall serve as a surprise to the receiver as well.

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