Choosing Sequin Personalised Decorative Cushions

Sequin reveal cushions are a playful way to add a charming, personalised home accessory to a couch, chair, or bed. Considering many can be customised, they can also make phenomenal presents for kids and adults whether it's for a special occasion, for no specific reason at all, or as a gag gift. If you're looking for a new personalised sequin cushion for your place or to give to someone else, there are a variety of the affordable shimmering housewares to choose from on eBay.

Are the inserts included with the sequinned cover?

It's a possibility that an insert might be included, but often what you're initially purchasing is just the sequinned cover. Many listings have the option of letting you add an insert for an extra charge or buying just the cover and using your own insert that you already have. There are, however, other products that consist of the cover and an included insert that you don't need to buy for an extra cost.

Can you add a message to the personalised sequin pillow cover?

For some orders, you're only going to be able to add a person's name that's paired with the image that's already done for the cushion cover, but in other instances, you can add just text. Keep in mind that there will likely be a limit to how many letters can be added. There are products where you'll be able to choose a font and layout or you could add your own photo in addition to a small amount of text.

Are you able to buy a custom photo sequin cushion cover?

There are listings that let you submit your own picture to create a personalised photo sequin pillow cover. However, it's essential to choose a high-quality picture in order to get the best pillow results. To ensure your photo will look as close as possible to the way you hope, it's a good idea to submit the image first to get an idea of how it will work with the sequins and if it's the correct size or if it's best that you choose a different image.

Choosing sequins in a certain colour

You may be able to choose the colours of sequins to go on the stylish sequin reveal cushions, but for others, there are no selections involved and the coloured sequins are already chosen for you. Hues such as blue, red, and gold are three of the potential sequin options that you may be able to find for the pillow cover on eBay.