Perth postcard relics

The hardest part of being an avid postcard collector is narrowing down your collection to a particular theme. With so many topics to choose from - be it military, movies, art, animals, and so on - the sky is the limit. But if you’re one of the many who enjoy focusing on a certain Australian location, such as the scenic city of Perth, you’ll discover eBay is the ideal place to extend your valuable collection.

The allure of vintage postcards

As a postcard collector, it’s likely you love the ability to peer into the window of Australia’s past. Holding a vintage postcard in your hand gives you a tangible link to our history, enabling you to compare in awe just how much our society has changed. At once, it is a fascinating and addictive hobby.

Perth in the past

While Perth collectable postcards appear to be a bit of a niche market, eBay’s listing is rapidly growing. For now, you can find some wonderful black and white postcards featuring landmarks such as Hay St and King’s Park, including Mount Eliza. Should you be after something a little more retro, there are some great colour photographs from the 70s and 80s too.

Holding their value

Many experts say there is a lucrative market in vintage postcards in good condition. As such, there has been a recent resurgence in the numbers of collectors hunting out such relics. If you’re looking for a particular Perth landmark or streetscape postcard, keep a close eye on eBay listings. You never know when someone may happen upon a real gem in their grandma’s old house or shed, so it really does pay to check in often. Hunt thoroughly by scrolling through all search pages.

If you think you’ve found a collectible gem, be sure to check whether you’re getting value for money by comparing all current eBay listings, as well as past sales.