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Petrol Brush Cutters and String Trimmers

Thick, tall grass is a challenge for lawnmowers, and there are situations in which you may have to clear paths or trails through unkempt areas or remove growth from high places. In such cases, grass cutters like brush cutters and string trimmers can make the task easier, as they are specifically designed to deal with foliage difficult for a lawnmower to remove.

Types of Brush Cutters and String Trimmers

While brush cutters and string trimmers do similar jobs, they differ in the type of cutting medium they use. Brush cutters use blades, whereas string trimmers, also called line trimmers, use a nylon line. Models that use nylon lines are ideal for cutting long grass and light foliage, while those equipped with metal blades can cut through denser vegetation with ease. Brush cutters and string trimmers may be powered by petrol or electricity. Electric brush cutters come in two varieties. Corded ones need a constant power supply, whereas cordless ones can be used away from power sources. While electric versions are convenient and quiet, petrol brush cutters and string trimmers are generally more powerful, allowing users to cut through heavier foliage.

Brush Cutter and String Trimmer Handle and Neck Types

In addition to how they are powered, brush cutters differ in the type of neck they have. Common types are bent shaft and straight shaft models. Straight shaft types are better for clearing thicker grass or brush. Lastly, brush cutters may be classified by the type of handle they offer. Loop handles are better for situations where the operator needs more fine control, while cowhorn handles are the better choice when clearing large areas of long grass.

How to Use a Brush Cutter or String Trimmer Safely

Brush cutters and string trimmers consist of a power unit, a long neck or shaft and a cutting head. Heavier models are equipped with harnesses so users can operate them with ease for longer periods of time. Users should fit their brush cutters with the correct cutting attachment for the job if their model allows them to change cutting attachments. Since petrol brush cutters can be noisy, users should use hearing protection. They should also wear gloves, leg protection, eye protection, and safety boots. Lastly, use these tools at least 15 metres away from other people.

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