Petrol Scooters

Over recent years, petrol scooters have enjoyed a continued rise in popularity, offering riders the ultimate in convenience and good fuel economy at the same time. They are an economic alternative to a car or public transportation and are best suited for solo riders, although some models can accommodate a passenger. These scooters come in a variety of sizes, colours and styles, making it easy to find one that suits your riding habits. As you shop, remember to take scooter quality into account, since it tends to vary across brands. It is also wise to consider your driving habits, as most scooters are ideal for running errands or commuting around the city, while others can handle the highway.

Scooter Features

When shopping for a petrol scooter, factor features into your decision. Look for scooters that have antilock brakes for increased safety as well as a windscreen or fairing. A windscreen or fairing provides protection from the elements (including the rain and wind), while serving to increase riding comfort and reduce fatigue. Crash bars are also a must because they help to protect the rider in the event of an accident by keeping the weight of the bike off the rider's body.

Storage Space

Petrol scooters may offer limited storage space, so look for those with a small storage compartment that is both lockable and features a lid. This will allow safe keeping for a helmet or other small belongings, such as groceries. Conversely, if your desired scooter does not offer storage, consider mounting a saddlebag or rack near the rear.

Engine Size

You'll also want to take the engine size of the scooter into consideration when shopping. Scooters with a 50 cc engine typically have a max speed of 35 to 40 miles per hour, making them a fit for city use. These scooters are best suited for lighter-weight individuals, and they offer superior fuel mileage at over 100 miles per gallon. Likewise, 150 cc scooters are ideal for city use, but they can also handle occasional highway rides. They are able to stand up to speeds of 50 to 60 miles per hour and offer around 70 miles per gallon. As another option, 250 cc petrol scooters get an average of 60 miles per gallon and have a max speed of 75 miles per hour, making them suitable for highway use.

Scooter Size

Similar to engine size, you should consider scooter size when shopping with respect to your riding skill level. Scooter size and engine size are directly correlated, with larger scooters typically having larger engines. Small scooters are lightweight and are the easiest type for novice riders to handle; they are also the cheapest to purchase. Midsize scooters are easy to maneouver and ride, while large scooters provide the best acceleration and engine performance, making them ideal for travelling longer distances.