Everything You Need to Know About Phentramine Weight Loss Supplements

If you need to lose weight but require a little bit of help, then your doctor may have suggested phentramine. This weight loss supplement works as an appetite suppressant, so you can work off the extra pounds at the gym without losing all of your progress by eating a large meal afterward. Because it is a weight loss supplement, there are a few questions you might want to consider.

What is phentramine made of?

Phentramine is made of natural ingredients like those listed below.

  • Ginseng: This powerful herb works to boost your metabolism while making sure that not all of your calories immediately get turned into fat.
  • Citrus: Because citrus is packed full of fiber and water, it can make you feel fuller a lot faster. This helps to avoid overeating.
  • Black Pepper: This heats up your body and as a result, kick-starts your metabolism and helps you to burn fat.
  • Hoodia: This commonly used herb by natives in Africa is used to suppress their appetites when food is short.

What is the difference between phentermine and phentramine?

A key difference between phentermine and phentramine is the composition of their supplements. In addition, phentermine uses an amphetamine to send the body into a fight or flight response. This revs up your energy levels and makes you lose weight while suppressing your appetite. It does, however, often come with side effects and a slight risk of addiction. On the other hand, phentramine only uses natural ingredients to have a similar effect. It is primarily focused on appetite suppression, so you can keep the weight off by not immediately going to town on a lot of food after your work out. Finally, it can be dangerous to take phentermine diet pills long term. This is not the case with phentramine.

Do you need a prescription to receive phentramine?

When you're looking for an appetite suppressant, it is always a good idea to consult with your doctor. While it may be an amazing thing that you're losing weight, you have to make sure that your nutrition is still being met. Your doctor can be a vital source of information during this period. That being said, you don't always need to have a prescription to order phentramine. However, certain brands may require a prescription.