Photo Studio Flash Lighting Equipment

Photo Studio Flash Lighting Equipment

Investing in good flash and photo studio lighting equipment can elevate the quality of your photo shoots. Good photography is not just a result of good camera body and lenses; lighting and lighting equipment also plays a big part in how the final shots come out, specifically when it comes to indoor photography. When thinking of uplifting your lighting equipment, you can choose from continuous lighting equipment, speed light equipment, and strobe lighting equipment and kits.

Wireless Flash Triggers

Wireless flash triggers help in controlling and maintaining camera flashes, studio flashes as well as outdoor flashes. There are separate flash triggers for each camera brand and they are usually used in combination with X1R-C receivers. Good quality flash triggers have stable signal transmission and multi-channel triggering features. They support multi flash, manual flash, TCM transform function, one shoot and multi shoot settings, flash exposure compensation settings and group zooming. Most of the new designs in the market are easy to use and extremely portable.

Flash Lighting Stands and Kits

Studio flash lighting kits come equipped with flash heads, flash lamps, modelling lamps and standard reflectors. They also include control panels, vents and mount soft boxes. In some sets, collapsible light stands of varying heights are also included. These flash lighting kits assist in flash light shooting which offers much better quality of photos in terms of depth and quality as compared to continuous light shooting.

Strobe Lights and Strobe Mounts

Investing in strobe lights and strobe mounds can definitely elevate your flash photography. Strobe lights help in producing regular strobes of flashes and lights for indoor and night photography. Coloured gels can be used with strobes to produce coloured light. Strobe lights can be triggered by sync cord, flash, and/or infrared. They usually have test buttons and their settings can be changed from 1/8 to full, depending on the intensity of light needed. This makes them ideal to be used as main lights, or back lights as and when needed. Strobe lights should ideally be used with specific strobe mounts to obtain optimum lighting conditions.