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Piksters Other Dental and Oral Care

Dental hygiene is important to your health, and when you have the right dental equipment, including flossers, it's easy to keep your mouth clean and fresh. Piksters other dental and oral care offers a line of dental supplies, ranging from floss to brushes. With a variety of options available, Piksters provides the perfect accompaniment to simple brushing and lowers the risk of cavities and gum disease.

Interdental Brushes

Meant to get into every nook and crevice of your teeth, unlike regular floss or brushes, Piksters interdental brushes get the job done when it comes to cleanliness. Disposable dental brushes come in bulk packages and 10 different sizes, depending on your specific needs. The brushes are tiny versions of regular toothbrushes and get in between teeth to remove food particles. These dental oral care products work well as a substitute for floss or for brushing on the go when you're not at home.


Dental floss picks and flossers are easier for some people to use than regular floss. Piksters Flosspicks have a durable, strong strand of floss in between a sturdy pick you can hold onto with ease as you clean in between each tooth in preparation for brushing. These oversized packs come with 50 picks so you can grab a fresh one every day, and the SupaGrip design won't slip through your fingers as you work through your teeth.


Piksters does produce its own take on regular floss as well as tape, and the brand uses multifilament materials to create strong strands. Waxed floss glides in between teeth without hassle, and the durable fabric won't break. Choose tape to avoid the feel of fabric catching on your teeth, and these gentle strands work well for sensitive teeth that tend to bleed during flossing. Piksters tape uses identical fibres as the flosspicks for a strong and sturdy string that won't fray or tear under pressure.


Piksters isn't just about gum care; the line offers professional-quality toothbrushes as well. Choices range from dual head designs to brushes just for kids, as well as easy-to-grip handled brushes that make cleaning your teeth a breeze. Kids love suction cup designs that stick to the bathroom counter. The sleek taper tip brushes reach into the hardest to clean spots. Choose compatible toothpaste for a fresh, clean feeling, such as Freshmint toothpaste or fruity flavours for kids. Tooth cleaners have nubs to scrape debris from your teeth as you desire, and you can always purchase a traditional toothbrush and go back to basics.

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