Pill Boxes and Pill Cases

Even though medications come in their own packaging containers, having pill boxes or pill cases is often better for those who need to take multiple pills or who take pills more than once a day. Pill boxes and pill cases allow you to keep all your medications in one central location and within easy reach. Knowing more about some of these popular pill organisers helps you find one that keeps you on schedule with your medication needs.

Pill Organisers

The most common reason why people fall off of a medication schedule is that they forget to take their pills. With the help of pill organisers, patients can keep track of medications and reduce the risks to their health associated with not taking medications properly. Pill organisers come in styles that have compartments for every day of the week as well as a space for separating medications for different times of the day. Some pill boxes have deep compartments for holding many pills and come in both hard-case or soft-case styles that are easy to transport and use.

Pill Splitter

Sometimes it is necessary for people to take half of a pill or tablet to comply with the orders of a physician. One of the most useful tools to have in these situations is a pill splitter because the pill splitter can cut a pill with more accuracy than most people can do by hand. Keeping pill splitters with your pill boxes or pill cases makes it easier to ensure you receive accurate medication doses any time you need them.

Wallet Card Pill Boxes

A wallet card pill box gives you all the organisational power of a standard pill box in a small and convenient package that is easy to take with you wherever you go. A wallet card pill box is discreet and small enough to sit in the lining of a wallet, so medication is within easy reach. This type of pill organiser holds up to five tablets, which is enough space for a daily supply of medication for most people.

Keychain Pill Boxes

People who are frequent travellers may benefit from a keychain pill box. Like many other pill boxes, the keychain pill box is waterproof and keeps pills handy. Keychain pill boxes commonly feature a rubber O-ring that helps to keep contents dry and fresh within the crush-proof container. This style of pill box keeps both keys and pills within easy reach. Pill boxes are a useful organisation tool that offers convenient features that help you stay on track with your medication needs.