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Pill Press

Pill presses, also known as tablet presses, are devices that compress small amounts of powder into solid pill form. While large pharmaceutical companies use electrical rotary presses capable of making thousand of pills every minute, single pill manual presses can be bought for home use. Pill presses can be used to manufacture medicine for small businesses, to compound over-the-counter medicine and to manufacture home remedies and alternative medicine. Powder vitamins, nutrients and minerals can be dried and put through a press to make home-made multivitamins. They can also be used to make candy, again by starting with a coloured and flavoured powder. Mixing the two is also possible to create pills with medicinal content, but with a different taste.

Types of Pill Press

Pill presses come in several different designs, but the most common feature a single large lever or handle that is used to compress a small area. Precise measures of powder are placed in a small recess and then the lever is pulled. Some models rely purely on brute strength, whereas other have a series of gears to aid in the process. Screw presses work by turning a handle, which slowly lowers the press into the hole. They are often slightly larger and slower than lever presses, but can be easier to use and more precise. Stamping presses use small, engraved plates to imprint the pills with grooves or emblems. Some manual presses do not use either levers or screws and instead require that a hammer be applied to a contact point to compress the pill. Some advanced models feature hoppers and dispensing systems that allow precise amounts of powder to be deployed and the pill to be pressed and dispensed all in one movement. These often operate via a crank and can create several pills a minute if turned continuously. Electric pill presses are also available, and come in smaller versions that also have a manual backup or in larger models that are fully automated commercial machines.

Pill Press Accessories

Accessories available for pill presses include medical-grade crushing and measuring equipment. Clean and sterile treatment of the powder is needed ensure quality. Alternate press heads are purchasable and give different shapes and styles. Pill boxes can store pills safely and keep them organised. Pill splitters are small boxes that can neatly chop pills in half for smaller doses when closed.

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