Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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Pioneer CD, DVD and Blu-ray Drives

If one is good and two is even better, then that means three must be off the chart. Why settle for computer drives that only do one thing when you do more with a CD, DVD and Blu-ray drive ? One reason Blu-ray has become so popular is due to the amount of data it can hold in comparison to its DVD counterpart. What's more, a Blu-ray drive can play both DVDs and CDs, whereas if you only went with a DVD drive, you wouldn't be able to play Blu-ray videos.


Just because you've already bought your computer doesn't mean you can't install a Pioneer internal CD, DVD and Blu-ray drive. Whether you're looking for a replacement or an upgrade, Pioneer has the product for you. Go with a brand that you can trust to deliver high quality, reliable merchandise.


For those who think opening up a computer is a daunting task and not for them then a Pioneer external CD, DVD and Blu-ray drive is a better option. It's easy to install and allows owners to use the device on more than one computer. There is no need to buy a separate drive for each computer in the home or business.

Write Speed

Everyone is busy these days, and nobody has time to wait. That is why a fast write speed is a must when looking at Blu-ray, CD and DVD drives. A 4X write speed is okay, but an 8X writer cuts that time in half and so forth. You do want to make sure your optical drive and optical discs match in speed. There is no benefit in buying a DVD-R with an 8X speed if the optical drive in use only has a 4X speed.

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