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Piping Bag

Piping Bags

Thanks to the vast array of cooking shows on TV, decorative baking is fast becoming a popular trend. Whether you’re serving up cupcakes for a baby shower, a birthday cake for your children or iced biscuits for friends, everyone is continually upping the ante with their perfectly iced and decorated creations.

Why Use A Piping Bag?

Simply put, a piping bag will give you precision, neatness and a range of finishes. Without a piping bag, you are reduced to smearing icing on with a butter knife and hoping for the best. A piping bag allows you to create soft waves, towering spirals, delicate rose petals and even tri-coloured icing with the fantastic a piping bag Russian nozzle converter coupler tool.

Tips for Beginners

When buying your first piping bag set you need to ensure that you get a sturdy bag which is large enough for you, this depends on if you are planning to decorate a cupcake or a 3 tier wedding cake. A range of nozzles will allow you to vary the size and style of your piping, with larger round and star shaped nozzles being noticeably easier for beginners. If you need to, you can buy the nozzles separately from the piping bag.

Reusable Vs. Disposable

Piping bags come in two major categories: disposable or reusable. Both have their benefits, but it generally comes down to personal preference. Reusable cotton piping bags are better if you need to store icing in the fridge between applications and are more environmentally friendly, but disposable piping bags don’t have to be cleaned out after every application, which can save time.

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