PLASMATRONICS PL80. 12/24/36/48 80AMP SMART SOLAR REGULATOR. The user can select either Pulse Width Modulation or slow speed switching. Regulation can be done in both series and shunt modes. Boost, Absorption and Float modes with an optional periodic Equalization mode.
    AU $815.00
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    Plasmatronics PL40 Solar Regulator. The legendary PL regulator by Plasmatronics really sets the standard for PWM solar regulators. The PL supplies a signal to switch a relay to the second battery. Protection: Protected against short circuit, reverse flow, lightning.
    AU $415.00
    eBay Premium Service
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  • Plasmatronics PL20 Solar Panel Regulator 20 Amp 12-48V AGM DEEP CYCLE CARAVAN

    With the optional PLI interface and PLcom software, the user can access the regulator from a computer. Data can be read or settings adjusted. PL regulators help to protect the system with a built in low battery disconnect switch.
    AU $345.00
    eBay Premium Service
    67 sold
  • Plasmatronics Serial Interface Control

    It converts the signals from the PL into a form which a computer can recognise. Note that not all depots have tail gate capability and not all goods can be lowered with a tail gate (e.g. very heavy goods).
    AU $125.00
    Free postage
  • Plasmatronics Accessory Cable 3M Shielded for PL60

    (In this event, you will need to arrange on forwarding of the goods from this place. A) Applies within Australia only. We specialise in design and installation of grid connect and off grid / stand alone powers systems and battery backup systems systems for.
    AU $49.00
    Free postage
  • Plasmatronics Double Adaptor

    To last the distance. Tried and tested under Australian conditions. Our products are carefully selected Farming stations. We specialise in design and installation of grid connect and off grid / stand alone powers systems and battery backup systems systems for.
    AU $27.00
    Free postage
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About Plasmatronics

Plasmatronics design SMART regulators, solar regulators, external shunt adaptors, current shunts, alarm units, ethernet interfaces, shielded cables and much more. Charge regulators are electronic switches designed to know when a battery is full, then disconnect the panel or divert energy away from the battery to stop it charging. The goal of Plasmatronics products is to take reliable and intelligent care of a battery using a small microcontroller integrated circuit to gather important information about the state of the battery, interpret the data, and subsequently decide how to proceed. Below we take a look at a sample of popular Plasmatronics devices.

Plasmatronics PL40 solar regulator

The 130mm x 124mm x 50mm PL40 model has a maximum charge current of 40A, maximum load current of 7A, and supply current of 13mA. Its key features include: adjustable settings stored in non-volatile memory; user-friendly LCD display; energy metering; boost, absorption and float modes forming 3-step regulation; sophisticated generator controller; versatile event controller; alarm; second battery; remote control; short circuit, lightning and reverse flow protection; and two external shunts. This impressive device is able to regulate solar and a wind turbine simultaneously.

Plasmatronics PLS2 external shunt adaptor

The PLS2 bi-directional shunt adaptor allows PL series solar charge controllers to measure charge or load currents that do not run through the controller. The devices measures the current in a current shunt, but most importantly it converts that measurement into digital form and sends it to the PL controller.

Plasmatronics current shunt 75mV 200A

Alongside the external shunt adaptor, this unit allows PL Series regulators to monitor large loads like inverters and charging sources. For example, the set-up might monitor battery chargers if they have been rated too high for direct connection to the regulator.

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