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Plastic Bar Flask

If you're travelling or carrying around alcohol, plastic flasks are a great tool to have. These are inexpensive and lightweight. You can bring them anywhere, keeping them in a bag or strapped to your body like a hip flask. Plastic bar flasks are so easy to pack that you can bring multiples at one time. In addition, they are easy to clean and switch out whatever liquids you need to. Because of their convenience, plastic bar flasks are a great way to transport whatever beverage you want to bring along. Whether it's the beach, a concert or a picnic, these flasks can pack an extra bit of fun.

What Types of Plastic Bar Flasks Are There?

  • Alcohol flasks. Most of the plastic flasks available are 500 ml clear plastic flasks with a twistable cap. These can clean and are easily fold for storage. Oftentimes, these flasks are for concealment whether in a purse or bag, and usually for personal use rather than sharing.
  • Wine flasks. Very similar in design to alcohol flasks, these can hold a bottle of wine and can stand up. They can also clean and fold with ease for storage. They also have a screw top cap.

What Are Other Types of Bar Flasks?

  • Aluminium. Many traditional bar flasks are aluminium, which keeps the alcohol stored at the right temperature. These can also have engravings and decoration in whatever your taste and aesthetic may be.
  • Stainless steel. Another metal that makes flasks is stainless steel. Steel is strong and keeps the alcohol cool. It has a brushed look similar to aluminium.

What Are Other Types of Vessels to Store Liquids?

  • Water bottles. Water bottles are an incredibly popular means to carry and contain beverages. These bottles come in all types of sizes and designs, from insulated to glass to plastic. Water bottles are also for everyone including children to adults. There are even dog water bottles!
  • Coffee mugs. Coffee mugs are another beverage container that can hold both cold and hot beverages. These come in insulated, glass, ceramic, plastic, and metal styles in varying sizes.
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