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Plastic Bowls and Bowl Sets

Plastic bowls and bowl sets can serve multiple purposes, from holding ingredients while cooking, to storing leftovers, to helping store or organize craft materials. Plastic bowls and bowl sets come in a wide variety, many of which are optimized to specific functions. For example, clear plastic bowls can make identifying the contents much easier while plastic mixing bowls often have rubberized bottoms to prevent slipping.

Measuring With Plastic Bowls

Many plastic bowls and bowl sets are designed for easy measuring, and have volume markers either on the inside or outside of the bowls. This can make measuring ingredients dramatically easier, especially for cooking and baking tasks which require a great deal precision. Commercial measuring plastic bowls and bowl sets are available which usually have higher volumes than consumer varieties.

Bowl Sets with Lids

Many plastic bowls and bowl sets are manufactured with lids. There are generally two different kinds of lids for these bowls: press-down lids, and lids with hinged snaps. Though both are manufactured to be relatively airtight, hinged snap lids generally resist accidentally coming off when being accidentally brushed by other objects and are more ideal for situations where the bowl may be up-ended or in frequent contact with other objects.

Bowl Shapes

If you're looking for plastic bowls and bowl sets, it's important to realize that you're not locked down to the traditional bowl shape. Bowls and bowl sets are manufactured in many novelty shapes, such as stars or hexagons. Buyers can also find square plastic bowls which can optimize saving space and stackability, or formed to fit specialty functions.

Plastic Bowls and Bowl Set Colours

Plastic bowls and bowl sets are manufactured in nearly every colour, and with varying degrees of transparency. White, black, red, and blue are popular colours, though buyers can find multicolour plastic bowl sets and some sets even come colour-coded or featuring every colour in the rainbow.

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