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Whether you accidentally threw your PS2 controller in a fit of rage after losing a race to a friend or you've played your console so much that the controls have worn down, shop online on eBay for a new or second-hand PlayStation 2 controller.

This type of controller requires two hands. It is comfortable to hold and curved to mould into your palms. One of the benefits of a PS2 controller is that it is compatible with the PS1, PS2 and PS3 console. The PS2 controller is generally cheaper than its counterparts, so you can get away with buying one that won't break the bank.

Features of the PS2 controller

One of the best features of a PlayStation 2 controller is that it is comes with new technology called DualShock. When activated with the press of a button in the centre of the control, the gaming experience becomes 3D - in many games, when you crash into an obstacle, defeat a boss, or collect certain rare items, the controller will shake in your hands. The PS2 controller also come with two analogue joysticks and can be used in lieu of the traditional directional buttons. Some games may support this while others will have this option disengaged.

Another feature of the PS2 controller is that many are made wireless. After a full recharge, you can sit anywhere within proximity of the console and play without being restricted by a charging cord. Wireless technology is especially useful for when you need to quickly pass a controller to another player.

For some games, such as Buzz! you will need specialty PS2 controllers. Shaped like a long cylinder with a big red button on the top and four coloured buttons that relate to the equivalent answer, it's one of the most commonly bought controllers due to the frantic presses of each individual button.

When you're looking for Sony PlayStation 2 consoles, controllers, or video games, shop online on eBay for competitive prices.

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