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Pocket Watch Pocket Watches with Vintage Fusee

Keep precious time with antique pocket watches with fusee

Fusees were used in timepieces from the 1400s to sometime in the early 20th century to equalise the uneven pulling of the mainspring as it ran down. This had the effect of improving timekeeping accuracy, therefore adding even more function to the excellent form that comes with the average antique pocket watch. eBay gives you a chance to get your hands on one of the great timepieces, providing a glimpse into well-loved accessories from a time gone by.

1881 Kullberg gold keyless fusee pocket watch

Hallmarked as London in the late 19th century, this English keyless reverse fusee by Victor Kullberg is a free sprung lever pocket watch in a gold half hunter case with power reserve. Gilt with half plate keyless movement and a chain fusee, the plain cock in this timepiece has a diamond endstone. Compensation is balanced with quarter timing nuts, and it uses hairspring in a style of free sprung blue steel over coil. This English pocket watch with double roller lever escapement has screwed in jewelling and fusee, while the escape wheel and lever under a bridge pivots with endstones.

1787 J. Wilders Verge fusee pocket watch

Made by J. Wilders of London, this is an extremely early model of a verge fusee pocket watch. On the sterling silver repousse case, the hallmarks date this watch all the way back to the year 1787, which makes it more than 330 years old. In fact, this watch was manufactured in the same year that the Constitution of the United States was written and ratified. The movement of this timepiece has a beautiful gilt plate and pierced balance assembly, with large square pillars. The movement of this pocket watch has a Dutch Continental influence based on the two-footed style with a balance bridge or cock. While this watch actually has Amsterdam papers, many watches of this style were actually manufactured for the Dutch market in London.

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