Pocket Watches

Always know the time when you have a pocket watch handy. These watches have been around for many years, and they offer a classic sense of style. They come in a variety of styles with different features to fit all kinds of users.

Brand of Pocket Watches

Many of the big-name watch manufacturers also make pocket watches. You may be surprised to learn that Casio and Seiko make their own styles of pocket watches. Other brands include Waltham, Elgin antique pocket watches and OMEGA.

Design of the Pocket Watch Face

The face of the pocket watch is one of the most prominent components of this product. Most are round with a white background and large numbers. You can find some pocket watches with a black background and white numbers. Sometimes the numbers are roman numerals instead of Arabic. While all numbers may be displayed, you may also find watches with only the 12, 3, 6 and 9 listed or even none at all.

Metals for Pocket Watches

The type of metal for the pocket watches is a decorative aspect of the product as well as providing durability. They may be made of stainless steel or alloy. You can find brass watches, especially those which are antique pocket watches.

Features for Pocket Watches

Compare the features in different pocket watches to find one that best suits your style and needs. Some of these watches are run by batteries while others are winding pocket watches. Many of them light up for use in the dark. There are long and short chains with a pin to attach to a lapel. Many come with a case to protect the face from cracking or breaking. The case may have unique and stylish designs or carvings on it to enhance the fashion aspect of the watch. Some may even interesting sound effects or coloured lights to capture attention.