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Gotta collect 'em all

Based on the best-selling Pokémon video games and their popular anime series, the addition of a trading card game to the Pokémon universe brought everyone's favourite pocket monsters to life - in the form of trading cards, which can either be collected and traded on their own or used in the strategy based card game, for which tournaments now exist all over the world. Players can verse one another by themselves or sign up to leagues and battle others for the title of Pokémon master!

Gotta protect 'em all

Whether collector or player, you'll want to keep your favourite and more valuable cards in a safe place, free of dirt, dust and water damage. As with most trading cards, there is no safer place than your very own Pokémon card folder. With many fantastic front and back cover designs, on eBay you're sure to find a Pokémon card binder or folder to suit your style. Featuring some of your favourite characters like Charizard, Pikachu and Eevee, plus deck-themed covers like Sun and Moon. You may even find one of the rare and original trading card folders that were released years ago. Holding anywhere from 123 to 360 cards, depending on folder type, you'll be hard pressed to completely fill these binders, but should that happen, it's great to know you can find extra folder pages on eBay to expand storage.

Card decks, boosters and individual cards

The Pokémon Trading Card Game - also known simply as PTCG - has evolved itself over the years to include many different card games and card types. You'll find most of these, plus booster packs and individual and rare cards right here on eBay - buy and sell your Pokémon cards until you reach collection perfection! Did you know that eBay also has a huge range of individual and collectible cards from other trading card games too?