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Pokemon Trading Card Games

Pokemon trading card games are fun for children and adults. The cards feature artwork displaying unique pokemon characters. Each of the characters has its own powers, strengths €and weaknesses, and the games require a mixture of strategy and luck. As well as using them to play games, some people collect and trade pokemon cards and look for rare or valuable cards.

What Games do You Play With Pokemon Trading Cards?

There are several different ways to play with pokemon trading cards.

  • The most common type of game to play with Pokemon trading cards is a dueling game. In one of these games each of the players has a deck of cards and the players draw cards and see which player has the stronger pokemon.
  • You can play complex dueling games with a point system and calculate the damage each pokemon gives or receives.
  • There is also a simpler version where you simply determine which Pokemon wins or loses depending on which has the stronger element.

What Does a Pokemon Card Deck Consist Of?

There are several elements necessary to create a full pokemon trading card deck.

  • A Pokemon deck must have a total of 60 cards including a combination of Pokemon and energy cards that correspond to the elements of the Pokemon included in the deck.
  • There are also specialty cards and trap cards that you can include in your deck. Some of these add extra powers to the Pokemon in play and some can do damage to your opponent or inhibit one of your opponents Pokemons powers.
  • You can build your own custom deck using Pokemon individual cards or you can choose from Pokemon sealed decks and kits to get a pre-made deck.

What are Some of the Most Collectible Pokemon Trading Cards?

Some types of pokemon cards are more desirable for collectors than others.

  • Holographic Pokemon cards are one of the most popular types for collectors. They feature the same Pokemon characters as the standard cards but they feature a shiny holographic background that makes them stand out.
  • Some people also like to collect Japanese Pokemon individual cards. They have the same characters as the English cards but some of the artwork is different than the English versions of the cards.
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