Polly Pocket Dolls

Fun in all sizes with Polly Pocket dolls

Bright pops of pink, blue and green, enjoy playing with Polly Pocket and her friends Shani, Lea, Lila, Crissy, and Rick. Whether you enjoy the look of the true vintage Polly Pocket dolls or like the versatility and fashion choices of the Fashion Polly range, youre sure to love the great range available here on eBay today.

Enjoying your Polly Pocket dolls

Originally designed in 1983 by Chris Wiggs, the first Polly Pocket doll was licensed and sold by Bluebird Toys from 1989 onwards. These Polly Pocket dolls were under one inch in length and made of hard plastic. They came with cases that opened to form a house, treehouse, or other setting for the dolls to play in. The dolls themselves also folded in the middle, just like the playset. Polly Pockets hair was a curly blonde bob.

In 1998, Mattel purchased Bluebird Toys and began producing the Polly Pocket dolls. These were between two and three inches in length with a more realistic appearance. Polly Pocket had a straight, blonde ponytail. They also introduced the Fashion Polly range, lengthening the dolls to 9.5cm (3.75 inches). The dolls wore Polly Stretch clothing, made from rubber plastic that could be removed and interchanged. The smaller, traditional Polly Pocket dolls were discontinued in 2002, and the Fashion Polly range was discontinued in 2015.

While youre considering the type of Polly Pocket dolls and accessories to suit your needs, dont hesitate to check out the full range of dolls, including the range of vintage and collectible dolls. Whatever the Polly Pocket doll youre looking for, youre sure to light up at all the options available right here on eBay today.