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Got one to sell?

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If you haven't seen hooded towels before, you might consider them a little bit strange. Perhaps more popular in years gone by, hooded towels - also known as poncho towels - can be incredibly useful though, especially at the beach or pool. So, is a poncho towel for you?

Poncho Towels at the Beach

We've all been there. You go for a swim at the beach, then once you come out of the water, you want to change your clothes. It's a near impossible task to preserve your modesty as you wiggle around with a normal towel while attempting to keep yourself covered. The best case scenario involves looking pretty silly, while the worst case ends up with you accidentally showing the world much more than is decent.

With a poncho towel, the whole task of changing clothes after a swim becomes much simpler. It stays comfortably on your shoulders, so you can easily strip off your bathers, dry off and then put your other clothes back on. No flashing other beach-goers, and no wriggling around getting sand in your undies as you try to get dressed.

Keeping Warm on Cold Days

Surfers are just about the only people who are crazy enough to go into the water on a winter's day. Sure, they have wetsuits on, but that doesn't prevent them from getting cold when they get out of the water. When someone only has a towel to dry off, it becomes a mad rush to get dressed before their body temperature starts to drop. Standard towels do the drying thing, but they aren't quite as good as hooded towels. With a hooded towel, a person can chuck it on while they dry off, using the hood to dry their hair as they stay nice and warm.

Want to invest in one of these hooded wonders? With everything from bath and beach towels to poncho towels, eBay makes it easy to find the towels you need from the brands you like. Check out the range of hooded towels and poncho towels, small bathroom towels and extra large bath and beach towels to find the right towelling solution for you!

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