Pond Lighting

Pond Lighting

Gone are the days when the backyard pond was just a breeding ground for frogs and mosquitoes. In the modern family garden, the correct installation of LED lighting can turn a simple pond into a dazzling water feature.

Benefits of Pond Lighting

There are actually a range of benefits to installing pond lighting, so it’s no wonder that more and more people are opting to jazz up their garden in this fashion. The obvious plus is that installing LED lights in and around a pond can create a gorgeous focal point for your backyard at night. But they also act as a protection for both people and fish or frogs that call your pond home. The lights deter predators, making your pond creatures safer, and they also make the perimeter of the pond easily visible to anyone that may be taking a stroll through the garden at night.

Pond Lighting Power Source

Before purchasing your pond lights it is a good idea to consider what sort of power source you want to use.  Pond lighting with an electric power source will require a powerpoint within reach and if an existing connection does not exist you would need a licensed electrician to complete the installation. As a simpler solution, you could use pond lighting with a battery power source or even solar powered lights depending on the amount of sunlight to charge them during the day.

Range of Styles and Accessories

Pond lights come in a great range of styles, such as coloured underwater lights, floating LED lights, lights in the shape of water lilies, dragonflies or butterflies and even remote controlled lights that can switch on/off and change colour at the touch of a button.