Pool Equipment & Parts

Pool Equipment Parts

Installing pools and spas can be time-consuming and complicated, but the end result is worth the hard work you put into it. Not only do you need the pool itself as well as the proper lining and chemicals, but there are a few more items to consider before you slip on your suit and dive in on the next warm day. Pick up pool equipment and parts meant to enhance your experience and create the perfect pool.


If you have pets, little ones or simply want to ensure there are no accidents, pool fences are the way to go. These heavy-duty fences form a protective partition around your pool so when youre not using it, theres no risk of anyone falling in. Made of thick, durable glass or or powder-coated steel, fences are functional but look nice, too. If youre just seeking a fence for privacy while youre in the pool, consider an affordable bamboo screen fence, which keeps people from peering in while you enjoy the day. Simple to install, pool fences have many uses and features.


The purpose of pool pumps is essentially to work as a filtration system. Pumps circulate the water, help eliminate debris, and ensure chemicals are properly distributed into the water. You should run a pump every 24 hours for best results. Its best to buy a high-performance pump you dont have to run for a long time. These get the job done faster. Youll need to consider voltage, which depends on whether you have an above-ground or in-ground pool. An above-ground requires less voltage. Choose the right horsepower depending on the size of your pool. Some brands to consider include Centaurus and Davey.

Pool Covers

Pool covers and rollers are important pieces of pool equipment. Covers keep your pool protected when youre not using it by covering its surface to keep debris and foreign objects out. Covers come in different types depending on your preference as well as the season. Solar covers offer UV protection and prevent your pool water from evaporating. Cover your pool for the whole season when you use a thick winter cover, or opt for a safety cover to keep prying hands away from the pool when nobodys around. Rollers help you install covers on your pool by using a bar you slide the cover onto and easily place it onto the pool as you wheel the roller over the pool. Some pool covers, also called outdoor blankets, come with straps to keep the cover in place.

Ladders and Steps

Make it easy to get into the pool by providing swimmers with a ladder or set of steps that go into the water. Ladders attach to the side of your pool and feature non-slip steps you can use to ease into the pool. There are even stainless steel hand rails you can install to make stepping up out of the water easier or to aid in getting in. There are different types of ladders for in-ground or above-ground pools, so purchase the ladder that fits your specific model.