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Which spa heater is right for you?

Are you looking to heat up your spa so you can enjoy it all year long? Check out eBays selection of spa heaters to find the right one for you.

Buying spa and hot tub parts can be a bit overwhelming to the average spa owner. Different types, sizes, and prices can easily become overwhelming when purchasing a spa heater or gas pool heater, so its helpful to understand the types of heaters available in order to make the best choice for you.

Gas Spa Heater

A has spa heater will work much the same as a gas pool heater, using either natural has or LPG. This is an efficient way to heat your spa and is a great choice for those spa owners who already have gas on their property. This heater is also a more efficient option than electric spa heaters.

Electric Spa Heater

Unlike a gas pool heater, an electric spa heater uses either an electric element or a heat pump. Both of these options are very effective in heating the water in your spa, however they are not the most efficient. If you dont have access to natural gas and dont typically get much sunlight over your spa, this might be the best choice for you.

Solar Spa Heater

The solar spa heater is the cheapest and most environmentally friendly spa heater type. These heaters capture heat from the sun in special collectors, which then are used to heat the water in your spa. This is a great option for those whose spas receive a lot of sunlight, but may cause problems for those spas that are in the shade or indoors.

Portable Spa Heater

You can also find spa heaters that are portable. These are typically designed to be used in small spas and baths, so might not be suitable for large spas and hot tubs. The benefit of a portable spa heater is its ability to be moved safely and easily to wherever you need the heat, whether its your bathtub, spa, or Jacuzzi.

Just like pool and spa pumps, heaters are important for being able to enjoy your spa all year long. After understanding the different types of spa heaters, youre sure to find the right spa heater for you. Browse eBays collection of spa heaters to find the perfect one for you.