Pool & Spa Pumps

Comparing Swimming Pool Pumps

When investing in a new swimming pool pump, there are some important calculations to be made to ensure the correct pool pump is purchased. If the pool is new, and buyers are looking to buy a new pool pump for that pool, they will need to work out the volume of water to be moved, to then choose a pool pump of a sufficient size, offering a sufficient flow rate.

When comparing pool pumps, buyers will notice that the various pump options are rated by horsepower (Hp) or Watts. The higher the horsepower, the higher the performance - or, in other words, the greater the volume of water that pump can move. This performance is usually measured in litres per minute (L/min), however, its worth bearing in mind that two pool pumps with the same horsepower may pump a different volume of water per minute. This makes it important to check the flow rate on each pump before buying.

Choosing the Right Pool Pump

No, a more powerful pump is not always better. The pool pump must work with the filtration system as a whole. There is no point having a powerful pump that is rated higher than the pool filter, or the filtration system will simply not be able to do its job. On top of that, having an overly powerful pump may in fact, damage the system. Check the flow rate on the pool filter, and ensure the new pool pump does not exceed that flow.

Take into the account the total volume of water held within the pool, remembering that the new pump should turn over that entire volume at least once per day. When its time to buy, compare the options on eBay, home to a fantastic range of swimming pool essentials, such aspool filters, pool pumps, andpool covers and rollers.

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