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Poolrite Salt Chlorinator

Keeping salt water pools clean, free of algae and hygienic is a task made easy with a Poolrite salt chlorinator. Salt chlorinators should generally be replaced every 5 years or so, but some chlorinators give way before this and require early replacement. Fortunately on eBay you'll find plenty of replacement salt chlorinators and cells, including the Poolrite brand for both drop in replacement or professional installation into your pool filtration system.

How does a salt chlorinator work?

One of the major advantages of salt water pools is the process of self-chlorination, meaning you don't need to add chlorine powder or crystals to the water like you do a fresh water pool. This is not only more economical, but saves you the hassle of remembering and keeps your pool in a perpetually clean state - provided everything is functioning as it should. A salt chlorinator is plumbed into your pool's filtration system and contains a cell, through which water passes through and the salt present in that water has a small and constant electric current passed through it, turning it from salt into chlorine. Salt chlorinators obviously require power to function and in order to keep chlorine levels in the water from becoming too high or low, they need to be connected to a power timer, which you can also find on eBay, specifically designed for chlorinators.

Buying tips

The good news is that, for periodic replacement or a faulty cell, you don't have to replace an entire salt chlorinator unit - for many Poolrite chlorinators, you may be able to find just the cell itself on eBay, which is significantly cheaper than replacing the whole unit. Periodic cleaning of salt chlorinators is recommended, and solid plate cells tend to be easier to clean as calcium is less likely to build up on them.

Once you've got chlorination sorted, check out eBay's huge range of pool cleaners and vacuums, including robotic cleaners that will work to keep your pool free debris and leaves, so all you have to do is enjoy it.

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